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Prompt from : "some disorientation is to be expected" (Doom fanfic):

On this side of the gate, Kollin had told him, there is a sky full of stars. But, on the other side there is not. That's it, really. Concentrate on the stars.

Then she laughed.

But, he thought, she was right in some sense. There was no sky here. Or ground or sunlight or cold. Even in the green fireproof suit, there is, definitely, no cold.

So, think of the stars -- like Hollywood, like the glittering stickers that Mrs Henderson put on your second grade math tests. Think of the sky. The sky is there. The sky is what we are fighting for.

We will take back the stars. We will take back the ground. We will take back these blood-stained caverns, the ruined Martian bases and the rationality that Mrs Henderson held so dear.

Over Hell itself, we shall be victorious.
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This is very evocative.

(By the way, you have some broken HTML, and also, [em] or [cite] is better than [i] for people using accessibility software, depending on whether you're showing someone else speaking/thinking, or a word/phrase that is emphasised.)